Eyasco Monitoring
Water Quality
Water Quality
Monitor drinking water for turbidity,
pH, temperature, DO, conductivity
and more
flood warning
Flood Warning
Detect flooding early and
accurately within water districts
and man-made waters
Water Control
Water Operations
Monitor water flow for pipelines, industrial and agricultural applications
Slope Monitoring
Slope Monitoring
Monitor slope and risk for
ground movement in and
around installations
Security Systems
Remote Facility Monitoring
Protect assets at industrial and remote installations, monitor, detect and document security events
Habitat Restoration
Recover habitats and reintroduce biodiversity from damaged ecosystems
dam control
Dam Safety
Control water levels, flows and releases based on rainfall or conditions
Service Receipts
Service Receipts
Track time, expenses and
measure KPI's in the field with
digital service receipts
Integrated Management for Remote Monitoring and Enterprise Systems
Monitoring Software
Powerful database, analysis and visualization applications do all the work

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Hardware Systems
Customized monitoring systems for challenging and diverse environments

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Innovative Integration
Smart, flexible systems transform
complex data to any display, 24-7

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