Data Acquisition, Database and Display.
We Deliver the Data!

Eyasco designs, develops and deploys intelligent, automated 
remote monitoring systems that deliver the data to your
desktop or mobile device!


Data Delivery Systems

Collecting valuable information to track any parameter


"Only Eyasco was able to build a web based solution that truly understood our site based business operations.”

– Mark Davis
Senior Vice President
Veolia ES Industrial Services


    Monitoring Software Products    

Integrated Software
Merlin integrates data collection, 
event detection and presentation
for distributed monitoring systems.

Web Data and Reporting
Grabdata is an Eyasco hosted web 
service that shares real-time data collected from remote monitoring systems.

Field Service Receipts
Track on-site job status by mobile device. Monitor labor time, activities, equipment and material usage.


Typical Applications

Water Monitoring
Monitor water levels, flow, turbidity,
pH, temperature, DO, conductivity
and more.

Slope Monitoring
Monitor ground movement and
erosion for dams, hillsides and
any land environment.

Facility Monitoring
Monitor industrial and remote 
installations by detecting and 
documenting specific events.

Service Receipts
Track time, expenses and
measure KPI's in the field with
digital service receipts.


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