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Water Resources Monitoring, Control and Reporting

Data to Display Systems for Water Management

 All-in-one, fully integrated designs include sensors, data acquisition,
communications and reporting built-in – you can deploy them today

Aquasition is Eyasco's division focused specifically on water-related monitoring with the goal of acquiring data reliably over the long term and presenting it in easy-to-use formats. These include reports for regulatory compliance, interactive web forms for computers and smartphones, or real time SCADA type web pages. Agencies rely on Aquasition integrated systems to provide reliable data for monitoring irrigation and drinking water in pipelines and canals, and providing data for agricultural, environmental and conservation applications.


Aquasition Monitoring, Reporting and Control Tools

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Web Forms




QuB Monitoring Hardware

Eyasco's "Data to Display" commitment to monitoring  starts with quality monitoring systems designed to use sensors found most often in water quality, water operations, or habitat restoration applications. This means the signals being measured are likely analog 4-20mA or voltage, or digital signals consisting of pulse, SDI-12, or RS-232. Typical sensors include those for temperature, flow, level, meteorological (weather), and water quality either as individual sensors or packaged together in "multi-parameter" sondes.

Interactive Web Forms

Eyasco web-based tools aren't just dashboards and time series plots.  Since 2003 we have developed a number of web-based applications for many types of water-related applications including flood warning, canal control, dam operations, drinking water quality, environmental compliance, habitat restoration, and stream monitoring. We work closely with public and private entities to tailor our applications to be user-friendly for the professionals who use them, and useful for their intended purpose.   

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Compliance Reports

Eyasco works closely with our customers to not only keep them informed, but to make sure they are able to easily satisfy all government mandated reporting requirements.  This means providing a suite of reports and reporting options that can run on demand, or be delivered automatically at a time of their choosing.  Eyasco can also deliver data directly to online data resources such the the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) maintained by California Department of Water Resources.

Real Time Control

Eyasco has the tools and experience to add real-time monitoring and control to almost any system. Even remote solar-powered sites can have web-based or touch panel displays added to provide real time awareness and interactive control. This is accomplished by paying strict attention to power consumption - as well as to security.  All systems are firewalled and access is granted by using an encrypted VPN connection. This allows our customers to get connected from home, or while on the road to maintain vigilance when it's necessary. 

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