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Your Earth,

Your Air, Your Water

Since 2003, Eyasco has been developing and deploying intelligent automated remote
monitoring systems, along with data analytics for dashboards and mobile devices.

Trusted by Agencies, Municipalities, Organizations and Companies

Innovative & Cost Effective

Eyasco not only came up with an innovative and cost-effective approach to monitor our dams in real time, but their Merlin web-based tools have revolutionized our visualization capability and saved the District many hours in data analysis and report preparation.

 Jim Nelson

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Full Service Approach

Eyasco’s comprehensive data management services allow our firm to efficiently collect, store, and analyze project data in a centralized, secure location. Its full-service approach ensures that all our data needs, from monitoring to modeling applications, are met.

Ann Willis

Watercourse Engineering, Inc.

Amazingly Easy

Adding Merlin has been a huge cost savings for us. Adding sensors is amazingly easy, we just add it to the monitoring system and everything
propagates to the database
and graphical display.
It's all pretty much automatic.

J Cuetara


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