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Any Sensor, Any Environment,

Reliable Monitoring and Control

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Eyasco monitoring systems are called "QuBs" which is an acronym for "Quality in a Box". The components are chosen for reliability and flexibility in low-power remote deployments. They include data acquisition, data logging, control and communications, and operate in a point-to-multi-point network for cost-effective deployment over a wide area. This powerful, adaptive design means QuBs can be deployed at a lower cost per point because data doesn't have to be collected from each station. Remote stations send their data to "Hosts" over a radio link, and Host Stations store the data for collection using cellular or satellite links. Each type of QuB is built specific for it's application such as environmental, geotechnical or water-related processes. Power and communication configurations are built into each specific installation depending on the project parameters and objectives.

Types of Monitoring Systems


Data to Display

From the very beginning of Eyasco we have been committed to the principles of data management in a way that supports our clients needs in the most efficient way possible. We think of 'monitoring' as a total integration of hardware, data acquisition, database design and presentation.  We have years of experience integrating many types of data from not only sensors and third party monitoring systems, but also online data entry, data servers and online data sources. Our monitoring systems are complete 'Data to Display' solutions. Read More

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