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Our Commitment to Developing a Complete Monitoring Solution


Our monitoring solutions protect assets, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Understanding your process and expectations is crucial to building a successful monitoring or data management solution. Eyasco knows that there is no "one size fits all" solution and that we must listen to every client without an agenda in order to understand their needs. Whether you need to measure a physical process, maximize productivity, minimize downtime, reduce labor and fuel costs or even reduce the expense of on-site monitoring, Eyasco will deliver the results you need. There's a reason we have so many repeat customers. 

Since our inception in 2003 we have been committed to database design and integration with Enterprise systems. Our disciplined approach and experience with real time monitoring makes everything we build work together seamlessly, so you can collect, display and manage your data to make the right asset and resource decisions. Whether you're collecting data from remote, unattended monitoring systems, or importing data from enterprise databases over the internet, you're tapping into Eyasco's core strength, data resource management and integration. 

Presenting your monitoring system data the way you want to see it. Eyasco provides extensive and flexible options for presentation of your data. Proper presentation of your data allows you to manage your resources or make immediate decisions when events are detected, so how your data and analytics are displayed is critical. Eyasco software delivers real-time visualization, fast and powerful charting options, color-coded alerts, GIS tools, mapping, shapefile overlays and much more to reveal what's really going on in your distributed monitoring system. Once you see it you know it's for real.

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