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Trusted Monitoring Systems

Eyasco’s trusted monitoring systems provide robust, remote, intelligent data delivery which are designed and assembled in Watsonville, CA USA.

QuBs (Quality in a Box) are designed to acquire data and communicate back to your computer or device. Each station is comprised of data collecting sensors, electronics for acquisition, logging, control, and communications. QuBs are housed in tough weatherproof stainless steel enclosures with a solar panel, battery and communications antenna. This tough and tidy package is what makes remote monitoring possible.

Depending on the location and scope of work, QuB stations may be deployed as single or multiple stations. Each system’s telemetry would be designed to communicate via radio, cell and/or satellite, depending on service accessibility and environmental conditions. 

Communication Connectivity

Our QuB monitoring station can be configured to communicate via Radio Frequency, Cellular and Satellite. Certain installations may require a combination of communication methods based on geographical context and system design requirements for all types of environments.

We’ve partnered with EWS for satellite communications for connectivity from remote locations to your desktop when cellular is not a viable option. 

The EWS Switch presents a powerful yet compact multi-communication enables IoT device designed specifically to remote environmental monitoring. The name Switch is derived from the ability to interchange between Satellite and 4G LTE communication types allowing important data to be logged and reliably transmitted from anywhere. 

The versatile device allows connection to all standard sensor types offering the ability to use across a wide variety of monitoring applications. The ease of use means that field installations can be completed in a fraction of the time of other systems offering significant cost savings and minimizing risk by reducing time in the field. 

• Connects to all standard environmental and geotechnical sensors.

• Extremely versatile for a range of remote monitoring applications.

• Compact and discrete, reducing installation time and footprint.

• Designed and manufactured in Australia.

• Rugged and robust - designed for harsh remote environments.

• Very straightforward and scalable for fast deployments and large
    monitoring roll outs.

• Programmable and powerful for complex monitoring applications. 

• Perfect for new and retrofit instrumentation projects. 

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