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Real-Time Electronic Service Receipts and KPI Reporting

ProFSR was developed for the Industrial Services Industry,
primarily for shutdowns and turnarounds where large complex crews are working around the clock to clean and service plant facilities. On-site staff complete digital service receipt forms on a mobile tablet or PC to enter labor, equipment and materials using dropdown lists. As the data is input, it is validated and stored simultaneously in a SQL Server database. Job progress and KPIs are viewable the same day the service receipt is filled out providing fast, accurate processing of payroll and billable records. 

Compliance with SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) is also a key
feature of ProFSR by assigning accountability for each step
of the job process. ProFSR is designed to be easy-to-use,
robust, and accurate. Redundancy and errors that used to
occur by manual data entry on paper forms are eliminated.


Scheduling, tracking, estimating, receipts, etc.
ProFSR incorporates the necessary components for large-scale 
projects and operations tracking. It addresses infrastructure (software and hardware) and third-party middleware. It also incorporates your contractual elements for integrity, scheduling, budgeting, service receipts and KPI reporting. ProFSR fast, efficient and Reliable!


Improves Your Cash Flow


Increases your business velocity by reducing your Unbilled Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) from 30 to 7 days.

System uptime exceeds 99.7%.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Allows you to see your internal management KPI’s in real time to correct business performance based on your standard metrics.

Your customers can see standard customer facing management KPI’s in real time adding value beyond cost to service value.

Allows you to tracks your customer’s expenditures through a plant hierarchy in 

three levels. (unit, sub-unit) down to asset tag numbers.

Provides real-time equipment and labor utilization reports.

SOX Compliant

If required, meets the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

You can see the version history of every service receipt and who made each change.

Extendable & Scalable Solution

ProFSR can manage a single contract at a single client site or manage all your business enterprise wide.

Ten years of operational experience with over fifty site based locations.

Manages over 1500 Service Receipts Daily.

Annually manages Over $60 Million in Revenue.

Low Client Technical Support Requirement

The system is easily managed with one (1) Full Time Employee.

A “bolt on” front end solution to many different enterprise accounting systems. 

Our team has vast experience integrating a wide verity of systems.

Ten years of operational experience with over fifty site based locations.

Manages over 1500 Service Receipts Daily.

Annually manages Over $60 Million in Revenue.

Maximizes Contractual 
Gross Profits

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Service Receipts allow you to develop a Service Receipt for Repeated task at a clients facility.

Standard Equipment Package Service Receipts allow you to develop packages based on equipment, labor, and materials for use on any job.

Allows your field team to copy an existing Service Receipt over from a prior shift on to a new shift of work.

ProFSR can use Standardized Cost to provide contractual gross profits at the contract level down to the individual line item.

Customer Invoice

The customer invoices are easily customizable to meet their needs and requirements.

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