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Proven Software Solutions for Monitoring and Control

Since 2003 Eyasco has developed a range of software products to improve data visualization, reporting and primarily to improve awareness of natural and man-made processes. Our web-based display software offers map-based displays, time series graphs, QA/QC tools, dashboards and custom reports to provide perspective and insight about what's being monitored.


Although we have developed many custom applications over the years, our standard software platforms generally fall within the following categories:  


Public Web Displays 
Small footprint, low bandwidth, non-database driven web page displays

Workstation and Enterprise Level Systems 
Password protected, database driven with customized tools and reporting

Water Quality Lab Data Reporting - LADR

Web based tool for organizing and visualizing lab report data

Human Machine Interface - HMI
Interactive web forms for low power control in remote locations

Eyasco's Software Platforms


Merlin Software utilizes a proprietary data collection scheme paired with an efficient and road-tested database to collect, manage and display data from file sources, OPC Servers and online data sources such as CDEC.

The Merlin suite includes:


Grabdata is an online fee-based service utilizing Merlin.Web running on a publicly facing server to allow subscribers to view, report and export real-time data collected from remote monitoring systems. Access to Grabdata's many charting options, content and tools for analyzing monitoring data is easily available to those with proper credentials using a web browser from any device. Go to Grabdata


SiteHawk's real-time visualization, coupled with Eyasco's advanced QuB water monitoring systems and Merlin software for data collection and analysis, provides the flexibility, power and reliability you need to better manage your monitoring system. More

LADR Logo.png

LADR is a web application built for organizing and visualizing lab report data in a user-friendly and convenient way. The many features of the application include sorting by sampling event, location or analyze, easily importing data, querying the data, and creating interactive reports. More

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