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Data Visualization, Automation, Reporting

Integrated Monitoring Systems

Eyasco’s integrated low-power systems offer reliable safety monitoring, automation, and data reporting for a variety of environmental and infrastructure applications. These applications include reservoirs, dams, groundwater management, irrigation, drinking water pipelines, canals, and conservation efforts.

Interactive Web Dashboards

Eyasco specializes in developing custom tailored web-based applications to monitor:

• Flood Warnings

• Canal Control

• Dam Operations

• Drinking Water Quality

• Environmental Compliance

• Habitat Restoration

• Stream Monitoring

Real-Time Control

Eyasco designs, installs, and maintains real-time interactive monitoring and control to almost any system. These systems can be accessed locally via an optional touch panel display or remotely via a secure firewalled connection where access is granted by using an encrypted VPN.

Compliance Reports

Eyasco offers a suite of reports and reporting options to keep our customers informed to easily satisfy government mandated reporting requirements.  Reports can run on demand or be delivered automatically at a specified time. Eyasco can also deliver data directly to online data resources such the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC) maintained by the California Department of Water Resources.

QuB Monitoring Installations

Eyasco's commitment to monitoring starts with quality monitoring systems designed to use sensors for water quality, water operations, dam, and habitat restoration applications.

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