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Grabdata Hosting Service

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Grabdata provides a convenient, cost saving method to share real-time data collected from remote monitoring systems with anyone.

Organizations that operate unattended monitoring systems can display monitoring data without the costs of investing in additional equipment, maintenance or staff.

Access to Grabdata's tools for analyzing your data are accessible and secure with proper credentials using a web browser from any device.

Using Grabdata, you control a vast toolset to

manage, display and analyze your data

Geographic Mapping: Real-time mapping and overview of measurements and alarms.

Data Library: Build and visualize workspaces containing data series from any monitoring system.

PhotoViewer: Collect and view field camera photos like a flip book.

GeoTDR: Plot Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) waveforms to map cable deformations.

Infopages: Combine web pages with jpg images from Merlin.

Admin Tools: Add or remove users, assign roles, change page appearance

QA/QC: Rate and qualify data (good, poor, bad) for

Rating Curve Tool- Apply rating curves to stage measurements over specific date ranges.

Reporting Tool: On-demand or scheduled reports for you or your clients.

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