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Eyasco is passionate about solving complex problems and providing reliable solutions, exceptional customer support and developing longstanding relationships.

We provide monitoring system integration and automation for municipalities, landowners, organizations, and corporations. Depending on the customer or site, our systems monitor water flow, diversion, temperature, turbidity (water clarity) camera image/video and flood warning. Our database management system collects data, a lot of data, which can be securely accessed by our customers for online viewing and reporting from their computer or mobile device.

Ed Hancock

Jeff Schuyler

Eyasco, Inc. was established in 2004 by Jeff Schuyler and Ed Hancock with the goal of offering integration services in the industrial, utility, and public works sectors. The company’s vision was to leverage Ed Hancock’s database expertise and Jeff Schuyler’s system integration experience to create comprehensive solutions for seamlessly collecting, managing, and displaying information through web-based applications. Our work encompasses designing, installing, and maintaining low-power hardware and software solutions across various project types. This diverse experience equips
us to understand our clients’ needs and devise innovative solutions for most any environment.

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