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Eyasco has designed and installed a numerous projects

Our systems are installed throughout California within municipalities as well as remote locations
covering a range of parameters for data collection and automation.

Water Quality Projects

Flow Monitoring

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Water Level


Water Quality

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Water Diversion

Eyasco, Inc. has designed, built and installed water-related monitoring stations in remote locations since 2003. Our systems are used by municipalities, government agencies, private industry, non-profit organizations and the military. Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to develop low maintenance, end-to-end monitoring systems designed specifically for water resources. 

Dam Safety Projects

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We provide dam safety monitoring for the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). With nine dams in their district, quick access to their health and status is imperative. The systems we’ve deployed monitor pressure on the dam face, earthen movement, seismic activity, and video surveillance.

Camera Surveilance

Seismic Activity

Spillway Events

Dam Integrity

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