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Eyasco's Dam Monitoring Systems strategically place QuB stations on and around dams to acquire data for soil and rock behaviors such as settlement, lateral displacement, consolidation,
ground water level, etc. 

Dam Safety Monitoring

Monitored water flow

QuB Monitoring Station

Flow station install diagram

Eyasco's dam monitoring stations are solar powered with wireless communications, designed to gather and transmit data of soil and rock behavior. These include parameters such as: settlement, lateral displacement, consolidation and ground water levels.

Sensors employed can include vibrating wire transducers as well as piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, strain gages and meteorological sensors to name a few.

Digital camera systems are now a common addition on most dam monitoring systems to provide real-time viewing, photo documentation and historical images. 

Data Display and Reporting


The integrated Merlin software system provides real time QA/QC, advanced notification of out of compliance readings and data gaps, and the ability to annotate data for export or presentation.


Standard reports include time history, and offset from baseline reading over any date range. Reports are developed using SQL Server Reporting Services, so even custom reports can be developed in-house with standard database query and formatting skills.

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