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Facility Monitoring


Eyasco's reliable and flexible QuB system can help you integrate different systems and functions to make facility monitoring and control seamless and secure. A "Hybrid" monitoring system utilizies QuB Hosts and Remotes to facilitate communication between sites with different hardware and functionality. QuB monitoring systems can use MODBUS protocols to facilitate data transfer between controllers that don't share a native operating system or use proprietary protocols. They can also communicate with each other using any combination of radio, satellite or cellular networks.


Host stations are generally located where there is higher quality cellular service. Radios (including wireless and bluetooth) are used where there are a high concentration of stations with near-visible line of sight. Satellite communication works where assets are in remote areas without cellular networks. The QuB network specilaizes in using any form of communication to concentrate data collection and extend a monitoring and control system over a large area.

Enhanced data visualization techniques, like web-based HMIs can also be used as a Host station providing real-time access to data from almost anywhere. This type of hybrid monitoring system with data freely shared between separate monitoring systems starts to resemble a factory floor SCADA system, but with a lower rate of data throughput. Measured points are taken at a frequency appropriate for the purpose of recording the data, but the data is shared to enhance operations and improve awareness. This will also improve the quality of the collected data as more stakeholders take an interest in data integrity. In this manner it's possible to combine functionality such as monitoring, control, data collection, security and reporting into a seemless interface - regardless of what type of system is used at individual sites.

Camera Surveillance 

Many Eyasco customers request or require visual (still photos, live video) monitoring surveillance. These camera systems can offer a range of features depending on criteria such as scheduled time lapse, PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom), live feed, infra red night vision and real time camera feed. 

Camera systems offer surveillance for critical live, still and archived/historical imagery. These systems are used in conjunction with installed monitoring systems on dams, bridges, facilities, as well as installed monitoring stations.

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