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Rapid Data Collection, Event Detection and Presentation For Distributed Monitoring Systems


Merlin Enterprise Redefines Data Management and Event Detection

Merlin Enterprise (ME) works in enterprise-level networks with Active Directory to securely integrate data collection, event detection and presentation for up to 25 clients running simultaneously. ME combines the power and flexibility of a desktop client application with the convenience of a web-based reporting interface. ME collects data from any monitoring source, validates your data quality in real-time, then triggers alarms for remediation of critical managed resources.

Easy to Setup and Manage

Most data management systems leave you mired in the set-up work for graphing and reporting just to make sense of your measurements. Merlin eliminates that extra work, so you can focus on resource management.

Merlin’s innovative data inventory scheme makes setting up graphical displays fast and easy. In fact, once measurements are mapped into Merlin, you don’t have to do anything else to enjoy a range of rich graphs and reports. Merlin automatically imports and consolidates monitoring data from OPC Servers or flat files into a single location where projects can be viewed and analyzed and where reporting is generated. There are no per-point fees
or storage limitations.

Greater Accessibility Improves
Data Management

Merlin Enterprise includes both a desktop client interface and a web site. The desktop client catalogs and manages all measurements, and is where thresholds are set and alarms are acknowledged. The Merlin client uses Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to synchronize multiple clients that are running simultaneously.

The web site provides a broad range of graphing and reporting tools where time series data can be shared and analyzed through a browser interface.  All user access and rights to data are managed through a web based credential manager.

Strict QA/QC Standards Improve Reliability and Results

Merlin applies QA/QC data validation against thresholds set by the user. Monitoring data is QC’d in real-time before posting which improves reliability and limits false positives from triggering erroneous alarms. However, your original raw data is always preserved and available for review or revisions.

Integration with MS SQL Server and SCADA Systems

Merlin integrates with enterprise databases, such as SQL Server, and utilizes an OPC compliant interface that works with any SCADA system.

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