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Merlin Data on Your Mobile Device

Merlin Mobile in hand.jpg

A powerful mobile web tool that allows you to access and update data from your mobile device

Merlin Mobile is a web application for mobile devices that works seamlessly with Eyasco’s data collection and management system. Using a mobile phone or tablet you can view data, acknowledge alarms, add annotations or even enter measurements.

While working in the field or away from the office, Merlin Mobile gives you the versatility and flexibility to stay informed and interact with your data and your colleagues.

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View events in real time
Merlin Mobile delivers concise and detailed information to your mobile device to display color coded events and alarm conditions so you can evaluate trends and take immediate action.

View data in graphical and tabular formats
By selecting view options in Merlin Mobile, you can view data in tabular format or as chart images. Using these two methods you can easily focus on discrete values or historical trends to get a better idea of what is happening in the field.

Acknowledge alarms
Merlin Mobile shows alarms by color coding events in the data table. You can acknowledge alarms simply by clicking on them. When this is recorded in your database, the alarm indicator color reverts to green so other users can see your acknowledgement in real time.

Enter field notes
With a few clicks, you can enter a field note to an existing data series, or store actual measurement values to existing or newly created data series. Field notes allow you to annotate readings or highlight real time events as they happen. They stay with the readings forever in the database so they act as a data qualifier for downstream data processes.

Enter manual readings

If you are taking manual readings in the field, you can enter those readings using your mobile device. The event will be recorded in your database and displayed as a single point on time series plots for that instrument. This is a great way to store calibration values, or add periodic verification measurements to your data records

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