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Monitor at Multiple Stations
Add additional monitoring sites with any combination of sensors in minutes. Once the monitoring equipment is installed, the data flows into Merlin Enterprise and the new elements are added to the existing database automatically. A user only needs to define the engineering units (if different from defaults) and add custom names if desired. Data will flow seamlessly from the controller to the database and display. This streamlined approach is based on a rock-solid and rigorous data management solution that is infinitely scalable.


Merlin Enterprise

Merlin Enterprise brings ease and efficiency to automated monitoring on a global scale. It not only manages data for distributed systems, it also gives you the tools to share and make sense of the data.

Manage Multiple Sites
Merlin Enterprise is a data monitoring management software that makes monitoring and managing many locations, regardless of geographic location, easy and convenient. Merlin Enterprise is integrated with MS SQL Server, a very stable, fast and affordable database engine. The included web-interface can be used to share specific data, tools and reports with clients or coworkers utilizing a built-in role provider. Merlin Enterprise really brings ease and efficiency to monitoring
of any number of monitoring systems on a global scale.

Monitor Multiple Parameters
Merlin Enterprise manages data from any sensor connected to any type of controller – importing from flat files or connecting to OPC Servers. It uses a data dictionary to define sensors and measurements based on metadata included with the data stream – so no additional programming is required to set-up or define the measurements.

Additional features include QA/QC filtering, real time alarms, charting, report generation tools and map-based displays of sites with real-time measurements. It also supports importing and integration of manual measurements from browser-based forms (Merlin Mobile).

Share different types of data with multiple people.

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