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MS Access Based Desktop Solution

Rapid Event Detection for Distributed Monitoring Systems

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Reliable Desktop Data Management

Merlin Workstation is written in Microsoft Access. It can be used as a simple desktop application, or integrated into a MS SQL Server enterprise database.

Merlin Workstation collects instrumentation readings from just about any comma-delimited data source, inserts them into a backend database, checks readings against alarm levels, applies scale factors, then displays instrument status in a project tree. Colored icons make alarms and warnings easily visible to keep users aware of critical developments.

Flexible data collection, combined with powerful graphing to automatically generate plots for Internet display, delivers a comprehensive solution for managing and sharing resource information from an unlimited number of data acquisition systems.

  • Flexible data collection from dataloggers or spreadsheets 

  • Inventories all measurements and sensors

  • Unique drill-down into details for each measurement

  • Creates backup copies of raw data

  • Applies QA/QC filters automatically or manually

  • Applies scale factors over specific date ranges

  • Alarms any data stream with minimum and maximum thresholds

  • Creates and exports jpg graphics and ‘csv’ files

  • Synchronizes multiple databases over the Internet

  • Logs all transactions

Designed for Speed and Efficiency

Merlin Enterprise (ME) starts with the same capabilities as Merlin Workstation, but adds multi-threaded, parallel web services to facilitate fast and efficient processing of field data into a SQL Server database,while ensuring data redundancy and integrity. This proprietary approach anticipates the definitions that must be used by any database to group, sort and ultimately analyze the data. Application of this important principle in Merlin makes data collection, presentation and transfer to enterprise databases virtually automatic.



Add Projects, Stations and Sensors

Add additional monitoring sites with any combination of sensors in minutes. Once the monitoring equipment is installed, the data flows into Merlin Enterprise and the new elements are added to the existing database automatically. A user only needs to define the engineering units (if different from defaults) and add custom names if desired. Data will flow seamlessly from the controller to the database and display. This streamlined approach is based on a rock-solid and rigorous data management solution that is infinitely scalable.

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