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ProFSRtools for Reliable, Accurate and Efficient Integration

PROFSRtools is a desktop application that provides proven data management solutions to the critical processes of contract mapping and reconciliation. The contract mapping tool creates line item contracts from a standardized price book that can be exported as a spreadsheet, or imported directly into PROFSR electronic service receipt software. When your Service Receipts are filled out, you can then use PROFSRtools to reconcile those receipts with your customer’s asset tracking software – such as TRACK or Maximo.

PROFSR is a web-based electronic service receipt system designed to be simple for field operations, yet robust and reliable for large-scale projects and KPI tracking over the long term. It can be deployed as a stand-alone product or integrated into an enterprise-wide time tracking/payroll/billing system. The tools package has been developed as a result of over 10 years of use at more than 50 locations to address the issues that result in excessive Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

No matter how sophisticated your electronic asset tracking system is, 
it has to be built on a solid foundation of contract control.


PROFSRtools lets you create unique billing descriptions for your contract and match these items up to your price book using a simple point-and-click method. It’s never been easier to build standard contracts that cater to regional or customer-based customizations.

The newest challenge for service companies is to match their billable line items with their customer’s own asset tracking system so they can get approval for billing. Often times these ‘approval codes’ are line item specific and not delivered in a way that makes record matching easy. PROFSRtools uses a similar approach to contract mapping to allow matching of records with point-and-click simplicity. Color-coded records show mismatched billable amounts, billing descriptions, work order numbers and billing codes. A dynamic matching library allows the software to ‘understand’ the differences between the two systems and improve the match ratio with each use.

PROFSRtools was designed to use with ProFSR electronic service receipts, but is flexible enough to be used with any user’s database. An import configuration tool also helps assign columns from customer supplied asset tracking reports to fields in PROFSRtools.


ProFSR Tools Features and Benefits


The mapping tools builds a customer contract by line item from the “Standardized Price Catalog” allowing you to map contracts more efficiently and accurately.

It’s easy to build a customer specific contract by pointing and clicking on a line item in the “Standardized Price Catalog” and adding it to the customer contract. 

Standardize Price Catalog allows for the development of standardized costing and line item profitability reporting.

You have the same part number for each line item in each and every contract.

The mapping tool allows you to map contracts more 
efficiently and accurately.

There is a direct import tool from the contract mapping tool into ProFRS service receipts program eliminating multiple data entry errors.

Standardized internal descriptions in addition to unique customer by customer defined billing descriptions.

Flexible enough to use with any back office accounting 
system for importing contracts.

An available datafield to enter customer supplied 
asset tracking numbers to help reconcile Accounts 
Receivable payments from the clients Accounts 
Payable System.


With contract mapping, you can standardize your costs by part number to gain insight into line item profitability as well as enterprise wide profitability across all contracts.

You can view individuals contract profitability at the Gross Profit level and apply your operating overhead and SG&A to obtain contract profitability.

Cash Application/Cash Flow

Your customers AP system often uses approval codes which are line item specific in a way that makes record matching more difficult for cash application.

Tools uses a similar approach as our contract mapping tool to match with line item billing and payment lines.

The system builds a database of record matches allowing the system to “learn” from prior reconcile history and improve match ratios with each use.

Uses a color coded screen to identify mis-matched billing and payment lines and allows your financial team to easily view and correctly match these lines​.

Currently working with Track, Maximo, and Arriba Systems

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