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Eyasco has designed and installed a range of projects throughout California. Our systems are installed within municipalities as well as remote locations covering a range of parameters for data collection and automation.

Creek Level Monitoring

QuB Monitoring Station

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Site Hawk showing QuB locations

Flood warning screen

The City of Vacaville located in Solano County in Northern California is home to a network of creek level monitoring stations designed by Eyasco. Placed at critical locations along Alamo and Ulatis Creek, these monitoring stations collect information such as creek level and rainfall. New data from each of the five stations is collected every 5 minutes and transmitted to a web page that is available to the public. The collected data is processed additionally for the purpose of generating reports using our Merlin Software. During a major storm event, City staff receive email alerts whenever established thresholds levels have been exceeded. This monitoring system provides the City of Vacaville with a valuable tool for providing advance notice to its citizens in an area where creek levels rise occurs quickly. 

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