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Eyasco has designed and installed a range of projects throughout California. Our systems are installed within municipalities as well as remote locations covering a range of parameters for data collection and automation.

Diversion Flow Monitoring

Monitored water flow

QuB Monitoring Station

Flow station install diagram

Eyasco builds integrated systems to measure flow in diversions via pumps or irrigation canals, as well as reservoir storage volumes. The project described here is on a ranch where river diversions occur by pumping and through diversion canals.  All sites are monitored and recorded via a radio network connected to a QuB 300 Host Monitoring system. The system records flow rates every 15 minute and uploads the data to our servers every hour. Eyasco’s Merlin software uses these flow rate measurements to create an annual total flow report, which summarizes the flow information by year and months. This report can be generated automatically on a schedule or manually via the Grabdata Reports interface.

The Acoustic Doppler Flow Meter can be a cost-effective solution to measure canal flows. The sensor profiles water velocities and uses the canal's cross-sectional area to determine flow rates. The sensor can also provide additional stream information such as stage and water temperature. This sensor can also be installed in culverts, pipes, and natural streams.

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