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Indoor, Outdoor Monitoring and Analytics

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Eyasco, Inc. designs and installs Smarter Ag monitoring systems to accurately gather quality data for indoor and outdoor agriculture. Our systems provide timely information to assist in determining optimum growth parameters such as water, air and soil quality, as well as luminosity (light), and plant and soil data.

The power of timely data combined with easy to understand analytics gives you the inside track to optimize production, determine real costs, and implement effective steps to improve efficiency and avoid loss. Data can also be analyzed over multiple crop cycles to identify the optimum parameters of chemistry, light, temperature, humidity and time. This knowledge applied to the cultivation processes formulates better quality crops, yields and better business - Smarter Ag!

Acquiring, Delivering and Analyzing Data


Water Monitoring - Delivers data about pH, salinity, ion levels such as calcium (Ca2+), nitrate (NO3-) or Chloride (CI-). Other parameters such as water levels, flow, turbidity temperature, etc. can be implemented if needed.


Soil and Plant Monitoring - Sensors on and around plants provide information regarding moisture levels, temperature and even leaf wetness and stem diameter data.


Air and Light Quality - Delivering data for temperature, humidity, methane (CH4) O2 and CO2 levels. Light (Luminosity) monitoring provides data about light spectrum radiation.

Eyasco systems can communicate using any wireless technology leveraging the IoT network in the office or warehouse for real-time web access. Encrypted data is transferred securely using satellite, radio, cellular or a combination of these methods to cloud data servers. Eyasco software then accesses the data, converts it into easy to understand analytics shown on your device from a web-based interface. Critical aspects of data can be prioritized with alarm triggers and reports can be automated and e-mailed for instant awareness. Smarter Ag always utilizes communications and storage that are safe and secure.

Crop and Condition Analytics

Eyasco offers detailed analytics for greenhouse and outdoor farming. Know the conditions for smarter cultivation.

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Smarter Ag employs powerful analytics software that gathers data from the field system to generate alarms, charts and reports in real-time. You can see the analytics from the field on your device in various charts, graphs, alarms, and historical data.

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