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Water Quality and Batch Load Monitoring

Water Quality and Batch Load Monitoring

This system was designed for a large drinking water company in North America to serve two purposes:

1) Control and monitor the amount of water during batch loading and
2) Monitor the quality of the water entering the system from the spring site.

At the tank site, an actuator value was integrated into the existing system to control the flow of water while a flow meter was used to monitor the flow rate as well as the total flow into the system. Water level in the water tanks is monitored using pressure transducers. Depending upon the position of the switch at the control panel, system function can be controlled manually or automatically.


When the system is set to auto, the datalogger (MCU) will evaluate turbidity levels and operate the valve if necessary. If the turbidity levels exceed a predefined threshold, the MCU will automatically close the valve. A notification is sent by radio link to the load station which in turn, transmits the information via a cellular link to Eyasco and the client. The notification is captured by Eyasco’s Merlin software and is recorded as an alarm.

data logger.png

The load station was configured to control the amount of water loaded by truck drivers. As with the tank site station, this system uses an actuator valve and a flow meter. Drivers interact with the system using an HMI touch screen to enter the total number of gallons required for batch loading. Batch loading can also be done manually using the switches mounted on the front of the control panel. A key switch controls access to system functions and configurations. System data can be viewed remotely via

1) Merlin software

2) A webpage hosted by the MCU, or
3) The HMI touch screen on the front of the enclosure. Activity around the load station is monitored by a PTZcamera and recorded by a DVR. Live video can be accessed over the internet. All sensor data is captured by the load MCU and is transmitted wirelessly over a cellular link to Eyasco where the information is processed for evaluation by Merlin.

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