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Fixing Anderson Dam is a priority for Valley Water

Valley Water, Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill, CA

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Anderson Reservoir on the Calaveras fault line.  Photo Credit

Seismic Concerns and Aging Dam at Anderson Reservoir

Anderson Reservoir is currently limited to about 58% of its capacity due to seismic concerns costing Santa Clara County valuable drinking water resources. This project covers earthquake retrofitting of Anderson Dam to improve reliability and safety, and returns the reservoir to its original storage capacity. Anderson Dam creates the county’s largest surface water reservoir—Anderson Reservoir— which stores local rainfall runoff and imported water from the Central Valley Project. The reservoir is an important water source for treatment plants and the recharge of the groundwater basin. Besides restoring drinking water supplies, the upgrade also supports compliance with environmental regulations. Valley Water’s regular reservoir releases ensure that downstream habitat has healthy flows and temperatures to sustain wildlife. A breach of Anderson Dam at full capacity could have catastrophic consequences, including inundation of surrounding land more than 30 miles northwest to San Francisco Bay, and more than 40 miles southeast to Monterey Bay. Read Full Article



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