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Tanker Tracking and Event Monitoring

Tanker Tracking and Event Monitoring

Eyasco, Inc. designed a system to monitor water tanker events and water quality for drinking water collected from remote spring sites. This system tracks water from its source to the bottling plant and measures water quality in real-time. The monitoring system is used to qualify water for delivery and subsequent bottling. This system employs state-of-the-art data telemetry and RFID technology and tracks millions of dollars worth of commodity. Due to its potential to interrupt the supply-chain, the monitoring system had to be 100% reliable, produce no “false alarms”, and communicate with users via local area networks as well as the Internet.

Falcon Resource Tracking Manager.PNG

The software Eyasco developed for this application, called Falcon, configures and collect information from Eyasco’s proprietary Peregrine remote monitoring stations. These include load stations, unload stations, and other sites where the Peregrine controller is used. Falcon operates as an interface between Peregrine and the Eyasco Resource Manager (ERM) database, which stores all the configuration data for each Peregrine, as well as the event data collected from each station. The transfer of information back and forth between remote Peregrine “stations” and the host database is facilitated by Falcon on a preset schedule. The monitoring screen in Falcon shows a snapshot of alarm conditions for all configured stations. Double-clicking on a station in the monitoring screen retrieves a form with all current and historic alarms for that station. The monitoring form is designed to provide a one-glance snapshot of the current conditions for the entire Peregrine network connected to Falcon and the ERM database.

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